Academic Exploration Program

For four decades, the Academic Exploration Program (AEP) at Bradley University has helped students with undecided majors and undeclared majors identify and pursue their academic and professional goals.

Through a combination of instruction, reflection and exposure, students gain the experience and confidence to declare a major and succeed professionally. In fact, 98% of graduates who began in AEP reported positive career outcomes in the Smith Career Center First Destination Study.

The key to success in the Academic Exploration Program rests with the student-academic advisor relationship. Each student in AEP is assigned an advisor, with whom they will spend an average of 15 hours in the classroom and in one-on-one advising within the first semester. The award-winning academic advisement in AEP is integrated throughout the AEP curriculum and helps students select the major and career path that's best for them through the lens of whole student development.